CB Radios

12 Volt Electrical Services
ยป Full Service CB Radio Shop, in Farmington, NM

12 Volt Electrical Services offers products for your vehicle, RV, boat, or trailer which you can take home separately to install yourself or have us install.

CB Radios

12 Volt Electrical Services offers sales, service, installation and repair for your CB radio system needs. We carry in stock the Cobra brand of CB radios as well as have available many others like Galaxy and Connex. Used equipment is sometimes for sale.

We sell the full line of Wilson CB Antennas, lots of Firestik, K-40 and Francis Antennas as well. And we carry accessories like CB Brackets, knobs and power cords, antenna coax and antenna mounts and replacement microphones. We install DC to AC power inverters, stereos, speakers and satellite radio equipment into semi trucks, motor homes and heavy equipment. Call for more information or to schedule a time for your sales and service needs.

We repair most makes and models of CB radios along with basic repair of scanners and radar detectors.


CB Radio Repair

CB radios are an important piece of equipment that you use in semi-trucks and other vehicles. We can service your CB radio system to include microphones, antennas, coax cables and radio repairs.

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