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» Trailer, CB Radio, Boat, Automobile Electrical Repair Services in Farmington, NM

12 Volt Electrical Services offers many service options for customers in Farmington. We can handle most electrical needs for your vehicle.

Electrical Repair Truck

RV Repair

Recreational Vehicles provide us the comforts and conveniences of home, on the go. There are many components in an RV that can keep us from enjoying hunting, fishing, camping or traveling adventures. When it comes to RV systems, diagnosis can be as much or more complicated than the repairs themselves. Tampering with your RV’s systems can also be very frustrating. We encourage you to call us instead! 12 Volt Electrical Services can diagnose and repair most issues with your RV. This includes wiring, water leaks, and many other malfunctions you have been experiencing.

Trailer Repair & Wiring

We can troubleshoot and repair electrical components on your cargo trailers, including the wiring, plugs, pigtails, and inside/outside lights, electric tongue jacks, or hydraulic dump beds.

Fully functioning electronic trailer safety components are a must. They help avoid dangerous accidents and costly traffic safety citations. The next time you discover a defective light, plug or wiring problem, or an issue with your trailer’s breakaway system, don’t take the risk.  Even if it’s just a quick trailer haul across town, 12 Volt Electrical Services can help you avoid unnecessary run-ins with other motorists, or local authorities.”

In the four corners area, many residents make use of stock trailers containing living quarters that rely greatly on 12 volt electrical systems to power lights, utilities, household electronics and more. If your stock trailer isn’t powered up as it should be, or you’ve recently acquired a pre-owned trailer with some electrical issues, let us help you with your trailer repairs, to restore full performance and get you back on the road with the electrical functions your trailer was designed to deliver.

Electrical Repair Truck

RV Electronics

12 Volt Electrical Services knows the importance of electronics for entertainment. We install CB radios and antennas, CD players, speakers, and satellite radio as well. Mobile service is available (additional fees apply).

Marine Craft Repair

Headed to the lake? Marine craft make use of various electrical systems you don’t want to leave shore without. Navigation lights, bilge pumps, horns, selector switches, marine radios, fish finders, transducers and even marine stereos and electronic accessories can all be critical components when it comes to enjoying your time out on the water. Old, weathered, or otherwise bad wiring and connections can leave you in a bad way. Before you head out for your next weekend on the water, test your boat and marine craft electrical components. If something’s not right, give us a call. We’ll get you squared away!

Automobile Electrical Repair - Power Locks/Windows

Automobile Electrical Repair

12 Volt Electrical Services can troubleshoot and repair most electric motors, wiring, and systems in your vehicle. Although we do not service on board computer related issues, we do address power windows, electric door locks, inside and outside lighting, including brake/tail/turn signal lights, blower motors, wiper motors, horns, electric trunk and seats—trailer tow wiring, too! We also troubleshoot and install car stereos and speakers and satellite radio systems. From vintage autos to newer, we will try to help!

Mobile Services

At 12 Volt Electrical Services, you can bring your trailer, boat or radio to us, or we can come to you! We offer mobile electrical services in the event that you are unable to come to our shop or it would be more convenient for you if we make a service call at an additional nominal fee. We try to accommodate your needs and have you serviced as soon as possible.

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